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Modern flexible solutions for your clients health plan needs


90 Degree Benefits can provide you and your client with an in-depth analysis of their current medical benefit offering. If your client is currently self funded, we can show how to improve their plan performance, cut costs and gain greater control over employee medical expenses by:

  • creating financial risk/reward models that let you recapture plan savings year to year

  • eliminating inflated carrier profits from their costs

  • reducing health risks across the population with dynamic population health strategies

  • keeping your client in control of their plan designs

  • only taking on the level of risk that is appropriate for your client (reinsurance management)


At the core of all medical benefit coverage is the blueprint or Plan Design. 90 Degree Benefits uses the industry’s most sophisticated modeling tools to help design and build comprehensive and cost effective plan designs for your company and this critical process, the foundation for all medical benefit activities, will dramatically affect both a plan’s short term and long term performance. Medical benefit offerings can be industry specific, geographically influenced or economically driven. We can help your company tailor a plan that will precisely fit your business’s needs.

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