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About Healthcare reform

We’re meeting the challenges of reform head on...

Don't let navigating the maze of healthcare reform leave you dazed

At MCA Administrators we recognize the challenges facing companies to remain competitive and compliant with growing federal health reform mandates. Employee benefit expenses must be responsibility controlled to protect both employees, their families and your company’s bottom line. It’s time to take back control over you health plan costs by breaking away from the traps of fully insured coverage. MCA Administrators as your Third Party Administrator, can expertly handle the operational needs of providing self-funded benefits. As Health Risk Specialists, MCA Administrators, helps employers achieve the delicate balance necessary to responsibly control medical expense costs while maintaining the stewardship of employee health and welfare. For over 40 years, MCA Administrators has provided employer sponsored Group Health Plans with top quality health benefit services, becoming the engine for group health plans back office operations. MCA Administrators will do the heavy lifting so you don’t have to.

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